Options For Finding A Surrogate Mother

The first thing you need to do is to decide whether you want an[dcl=6929] to find a surrogate mother for you,or if you want to do it on your own.

How to find a Surrogate Mother through an agency

An agency can help you to find a woman who has been checked and approved to carry a pregnancy. You will have a specialist working with you,to talk about your goals and find the type of surrogate mother who will suit your needs best and guide you through the entire surrogacy planning procedure.

Benefits of using an agency

These are[dcl=6929] who know all about planning and matching a surrogate mother with the intended parents and by using them,you will enjoy the following benefits:

â ¢ They have an advanced database of surrogacy opportunities to match all types of intended parents

â ¢ They will screen potential surrogates for you,to protect all those involved in the procedure

â ¢ They provide the support and education you and the surrogate mother will need,throughout the entire process

Finding a surrogate on your own

Many people choose to find a surrogate mother on their own,very often someone they know,like a close friend or family member. There are several things to take into consideration if you decide to find a surrogate on your own,such as:

â ¢ Finding a potential surrogate

â ¢ Doing a background check to make sure that she matches your needs

â ¢ Finding a lawyer to do the required legal work

â ¢ Making arrangements with a fertility clinic to perform the required process

â ¢ Finding the support and counseling you will need throughout the surrogacyYou will have to consider all of the above factors to plan your surrogacy.

Benefits of finding your own surrogate

There are a number of ways in which you can benefit from finding your own surrogate:

â ¢ Surrogacy costs may be lower since you won’t be paying agency fees

â ¢ Your independent matching procedure will be more hands-on and personal

â ¢ Doctors and a lawyer might be the only professionals you will require to complete the procedure

Intended parents should consider all the challenges of surrogacy before deciding whether to use an agency or go through the process on their own.

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